Глаза как у мураний сделать

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Do yourself a demon eyes with this app! Free substitute his own eyes in the photo, they are black and very scary. Let your friends think you're a vampire demon or evil wizard and you open dark magic. In addition, it is very fashionable style gothic and dark, sinister Gothic style for the darkness and mystery lovers, for those who love dark stories. Black eye is evil, but that's the beauty. Take a screenshot and send this image to a friend by playing them as if you bitten by a vampire or a zombie from here. This eye horror drawing can be a lot of fun to make fun of a friend or a mother. If the photo around you is dark room or a cave, or a sinister pumpkins in your home, then your friends are frightened particularly strong! Let your friend runs away from you in fear and thought that arise from their graves the dead and defeat the dark forces of good. Right in your cell phone, download this app for free and enjoy.

Источник: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.keymobile.glaza&hl=ru

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Глаза как у мураний сделать
Глаза как у мураний сделать

Создаем черные глаза в Photoshop
Выжить после глаза как из сериала как сделать самому. черные линзы


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